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Here is the Top 10 Best Weighing Machine in India. If you are a weight conscious person and even little extra kilos might mean a lot to you, then owning a best weighing scale will help you keep track of your weight everyday in a smart way. Body Weighing Scales are very economical these days and a must have tool for every household. If you are confused about picking up the right weighing machine, then don't worry. We have compiled the list of best weighing machine that tops in Amazon best sellers list and well sought out by consumers.

Top 10 Best Weighing Machine Reviews

1. HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale

HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale is the #1 Best-Seller in Amazon and weighs next to nothing. Staying fit on travel is very possible with this body scale. Not more than 0.5 kg the scale is easily portable and you can carry it anywhere you go. Also it is made of good-quality plastic so unbreakable too. Undoubtedly one of the best weighing machine to buy.

Price: INR 1,299 (38% Discounted Price)

  • Very light-Weight and Non-Fragile Material
  • Uses Sense On Technology and offers G Sensor for high accuracy
  • Easy to Read Dark Grey Backlight with White Font
  • Weigh in different units such as KG, Pounds and Stone
  • Weighing range from 5 to 180 Kg
  • Healthsense India offers Limited One Year Warranty With Collect & Return Policy For Manufacturing Defects.

2. Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale

Thin, glass-top, sleek, easy-to-read display and very accurate reading Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale helps you stay fit by keeping track of your weight in a smart way. The ultra-slim design let you store it anywhere under a sofa, bed or on the shelf. This weighing scale can be used to weigh upto 180 kg. A lithium battery powers up the device and will last for a year.

Price: INR 1,375 (34% Discounted Price)

Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale
  • Ultra Slim digital weight scale
  • Uses tempered glass for safety
  • Four sensor accuracy technology
  • Precision display to the closest 100 gram
  • Automatic On/Off function, turns off after 16 secs
  • The scale comes with battery contact plastic strap which has to be removed before using the product; else the device will not function as expected
  • Helps for Precise body weight management
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

3. HealthSense Soft-Grip Personal Scale PS 135

This Soft-Grip Personal Scale from HealthSense is very slim but sturdy and smooth and provides nice grip. The LCD display is really cool with bigger font. A must have economical scale in every health-conscious home.

Price: INR 1,699 (37% Discounted Price)

HealthSense Soft-Grip Personal Scale PS 135
  • Slim Design with Stylish Aluminum Side Plated
  • Comes with G Sensor for high accuracy, Sense On Technology
  • Large LCD display with Blue Backlight and Black Font
  • Weighing range if from 5-180 Kg
  • Weighing unit can be changed to KG/LB/ST
  • Healthsense India Provides Limited One Year Warranty

4. Equinox EB-9300 Weighing Scale

EB-9300 Weighing Scale from Equinox gloats very classy and elegant looks with delicate flower pattern at the top and slim in design. The device comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Price: INR 1,333 (54% Discounted Price)

Equinox EB-9300 Weighing Scale
  • Large LCD display
  • Automatic ON/OFF
  • Auto on function - Just step on the machine and read your weight
  • Step off and the scale holds reading for 5 seconds before auto off
  • Works on 3 volts lithium battery, CR2032 Power
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase

5. HealthSense Leather-Lite Personal Scale PS 130

The HealthSense Leather-Lite Personal Scale PS 130 provides Leather look ABS platform and precious mirror edge which is Light-in-weight and makes it an ideal to track your weight. The weight machine is user-friendly and automically turned on once you step-on the top and gives you quick, precise results. Also includes 4 precision sensors to provide an accurate measurement every time you check your weight.

Price: INR 1,299 (46% Discounted Price)

HealthSense Leather-Lite Personal Scale
  • Super Light-Weight and Non-Fragile with White Backlight Panel
  • Precious Leather look-like-design with ABS non-slippery platform
  • Sense On Technology
  • Provides G Sensor for high accuracy reading
  • Weighing range 5-180 Kg
  • Can measure in various units like KG/LB/ST
  • Provided with One Year HealthSense India warranty

6. Healthgenie HD-221 Digital Weighing Scale

Healthgenie HD-221 digital weighing scale is an easy to use economical bathroom weighing scale. Beautifully crafter with tempered glass and an inspirational quote printed on its platform which inspires users to work out and maintain their weight. It offers a platform size of 30 X 30 X 2.5 cm and provides a perfect foot space for users so that they can comfortably stand on top get accurate results.

Price: 1,099 (15% Discounted Price)

  • Convenient LCD display of size 7 X 2.7 cm for clear readings.
  • Digital weighing scale is made up of high quality tempered glass which can easily bear the weight of upto 180kg.
  • Precise body weight reading with full comfort and ease
  • 4 Sensor Technology to determine the weight with 100% accuracy.
  • Low battery indication when the battery gets low

7. Venus Electronic Bathroom Scale

Nice and good looking this Electronic Bathroom Scale from Venus has High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System, 6 mm thick tempered glass platform of 280 x 280 mm, Weigh upto 180 kg, Graduation - 100 gm, LCD Display Size: 73 x 28 mm, Auto On, Auto zero & Auto off, Over Load Indication, Low Battery Indication and CR 2032 Lithium Battery.

Price: INR 799

Venus Electronic Bathroom Scale
  • Tempered Glass Platform
  • High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System
  • Maximum Capacity of upto 180 kg
  • Auto Switch ON and OFF
  • Blue LED backlight makes it really easy to read.

8. Healthgenie HD-93 Digital Weighing Scale

Healthgenie HD-93 digital weighing scale is easy to use bathroom weighing scale to track your weight-loss. It is beautifully designed with tempered glass. The scale design and finish is extremely nice and sleek and you can place it anywhere in the house without worrying about it spoiling the look of the house.

Price: INR 999 (23% Discounted Price)

Healthgenie HD-93 Digital Weighing Scale
  • HD-93 is easy to set up and auto on/off features
  • Convenient LCD display with easy to read large font.
  • Digital weighing scale is made up of high quality tempered glass which can easily bear the weight of upto 180kg.
  • Accurate body weight reading every time you step on the machine
  • Offers 4 Sensor Technology for 100% accuracy
  • Convenient Low Battery Indication

9. Analog Weighing Scale

Convenient and easy to use Analog weighing scale that provides very reliable and accurate reading. The machine comes with solid build quality and shows 100% easy to read accurate weight. Suitable for home, office and clinics.

Price: INR 999 (9% Discounted Price)

Analog Weighing Scale
  • Non Slippery Platform with Grip
  • Easy to Use Machine
  • Precise Analog Scale
  • High Accuracy Reading
  • 1 kilograms graduation

10. Venus Thick Tempered Glass Round Digital Weighing Scale

This Digital Thick Glass Weighing Scale from Venus measures weight both in kilograms and in pounds and equipped with high precision strain gauges and load cell sensors to ensure accurate reading every time your check. The tempered glass is non-fragile with normal use (for human weight up to 330 lbs) and ensures long lasting.

Price: INR 956 (50% Discounted Price)

Venus Thick Tempered Glass Body Round
  • Tempered glass round platform
  • Automatic Power ON/OFF
  • Size : 13 inches
  • Maximum weighing capacity is 180 Kg
  • Accuracy of 100 gm
  • Supports KG/LBS units

Note: Please note that the product prices mentioned here are the ones listed on the date of publishing, so they may vary.

That makes the list of best weighing machine in india. Owning a right weighing scale will help you stay fit and healthy so make your choice now and start maintaining your weight.


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