What is the Best Ninja Blender Model to Buy for Making Smoothies


Choosing a perfect blender that fits your requirement and budget can be a daunting task especially with all the brands, makes and models crowding the market. Well you are not alone here. Since you have narrowed down your brand as NINJA, picking out the best blender within the brand is a breeze.

Ninja blenders have gained popularity among consumers and they are well known for their budget price and quality blending. Especially for non-pricey blenders they make your jaw drop at the speed they crush ice and blend frozen fruits.

Well! In this article we've pulled out the top performing ninja blenders in the market and reviewed them along with their pros and cons for you to decide and choose the right unit that fits you.


What is the Best Ninja Blender Model to Buy for Making Smoothies?

Here goes the comparison table for the Best Ninja Blender Models to Buy in the market.

Ninja Blenders Comparison Table

Image Blender Type Power Price Rating
  Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) Countertop 1100 Watts $$ 4.1
  Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450) Countertop 900 Watts $$ 4.5
  Ninja Master Prep (QB1000) Countertop 450 watts $ 4.5

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

The ninja professional blender boasts for outstanding performance with 1100 watts of power and an extra large 72 ounce capacity pitcher. It crushes ice, whole fruits and vegetables and frozen fruits in seconds. Its large BPA free jar is suitable for making smoothies for whole family at once. The jar also acts as a storage pitcher and you can stash the jar with remaining drink in the fridge and use it at any time. The whole unit is taller and sturdier and it barely fits in the top counter of your kitchen.

This Ninja Blender is best at making fruit smoothies. To make green smoothies, make sure you blend leafy greens with enough liquid for smooth blending. It also serves as a food processor and chops the whole vegetables finely in seconds. But if you want to grind seeds like flax then the smaller single serve cup is more suitable than the larger pitcher.

Though this ninja professional blender is industrious, it is also easy to use and clean. For cleaning, just fill 3/4th of the jar with warm water, add a drop of dish soap and pulse it a few times and then stash it in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning. It also has some cool safety feature like the blender won’t turn on unless the lid and the pitcher are snapped tight in place.

Overall the ninja professional blender is much better than any other blender in this price range. It’s the top budget blender that you need for making smoothies daily.

  • Great for making smoothies, nut butter, crushing ice and chopping vegetables
  • Larger capacity pitcher
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The large pitcher has difficulty in blending seeds so you have to use the smaller one
  • Noisy

Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450)

Nutri Ninja Pro is the latest addition to the Ninja Smoothie Blenders list and captured customer’s attention with its performance. If you are the person who wants to make smoothies for single serve and not for an entire family then don’t look anywhere else. This is a personal blender with 900 watts motor capable of 21000 RPMs and powerful blades. Being compact and sturdily built this blender won’t take much space in your kitchen counter like other countertop blenders.

This Ninja Blender comes with two single serving cups (jars) with 24 and 18 ounce respectively. You will also get additional to-go lids and sips for both the jars and you can just blend smoothies and put on the lids and take them with you on go easily. Ninja Pro blender handles the hard ingredients like frozen fruits, ice, leafy greens, nuts and seeds very well.

This little gem doesn’t boast itself with any frilly options but a straight forward best smoothie blender in this range. It does an amazing job of making creamy smoothies without any chunks. Just make sure to tightly lock the lid and not overfill the cup while blending to avoid leakages.

This is a personal Ninja Blender model to buy that best suits for making smoothies daily and costs less than $100.

  • Makes great fruit smoothies, green smoothies and chops ice
  • Takes less space in the kitchen counter
  • Two single serving cups with to-go lids and sips
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No big pitcher to make drinks in large quantity
  • Noisy

Ninja Master Prep QB1000

Ninja Master Prep has gained popularity among consumers with its efficiency and affordable price and lined up itself as one of the best sellers on Amazon among blenders and food processors.

This cheap and capable Ninja Master Prep QB1000 blender is equipped with powerful 450 watts motor, one 48 ounce pitcher and one 16 ounce smaller chopping bowl and comes with several attachments to perform multiple tasks. There are also two additional storage lids for the pitchers and you can blend and store it in the refrigerator for later use.

Don't let its compact build fool you as you'll be amazed at the speed it crushes ice cubes and turns them into snow.

This Ninja Blender model is lot more versatile from your traditional countertop blenders as it don’t have motor base. Instead its motor is placed in a power pod and you have to simply place the power pod inside the jar and press the button on top of the pod to start blending. You can easily switch over the power pod between the two different jars and do blending, chopping, mixing etc.

Though the vegetable chopping is not so perfect this affordable blender makes excellent smoothies, creamy dips, crushes ice for frozen drinks and others. All of its parts are detachable and it is very easy to clean the blender once you finished off blending.

At less than $50 price range this is the best ninja blender model to buy for those with a tight budget.

  • Makes excellent smoothies, milk shakes, frozen drinks, creamy dips and crushes ice
  • Comes with several attachments for multi-functionality
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The 48 oz pitcher size is not ideal for making drinks in large quantity
  • Bit Noisy

Final Words

We hope our ninja blender reviews would definitely direct you in choosing the right blender. Picking out the perfect blender is easier than you think. Just keep in mind what you want your blender to do and don’t forget the budget.

Happy Blending :-)


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